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the soup squad have been very worrying lately with stealing the daily features!!! what kind of a stunt is that???? blam the f*cking soup squad

Are the soup squad spammers?? Are They Fucking Spammers???

Everyone remembers where they were the day the found out that spam had returned to Newgrounds Dot Com, the most popular website on the internet, to inflict a terrible evil upon the free world. Because they were all on their computers, looking at the newgrounds /portal page.

socom squad return and FLOOD the portal chaos reigns


2011-08-15 20:46:19 by Polonium



2011-05-14 20:46:13 by Polonium

if gordon freeman was a THEORETICAL physicist, why was he performing EXPERIMENTAL work anyway

pauli effect, anyone


2010-12-20 13:27:57 by Polonium

darn it to heck


warm and happy and contented

2010-12-06 18:04:20 by Polonium

just making a positive note of my situation while it lasts

I propose that when any one song written by a musician contains more than 3% of all lyrics that are just meaningless mouth noises [ooh, lah, nah &c.] they should be executed in the electric chair

complex problem, simple solution

you have no idea

2010-06-25 10:52:04 by Polonium

what you are doing